Родительский дом — это «сердце» Puccini Museum, сложного музейного комплекса, который воскрешает в памяти наследие великого композитора и помогает понять его личность, интересы и гениальность.

Let me tell you an opera : La fanciulla del West !

Not everybody knows that Giacomo Puccini brought Far West in the Opera Theatres before the “Westerns” films with John Wayne were played in movie theatres. Cristiana Traversa will tell you the love story between Minnie, the young girl who manages a saloon, and Dick Johnson, alias the criminal Ramerrez. Of course there is also the […]

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The magic world of Parpignol the toy seller

It’s Christmas eve and in the square we hear a far away voice “Here comes the toy seller Parpingnol”! Children drag their mothers towards the square where the fascinating toy seller is arriving with his colourful merchandise! Everybody is around Parpignol in a happy Ring around the Rosies singing: Parpignol, Parpignol, Parpignol, with a wagon […]

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