World Opera Day and the Puccini Museum

“World Opera Day” is celebrated all over the world on 25th October. This year takes on special significance due to the suspension of theatrical activities caused by the pandemic. The crisis forces us to reflect on the place of the opera in society and to ask ourselves when and how the performances will resume. World Opera Day 2020 is an essential step towards recovery that will be guided by a sense of purpose. As we rebuild our economies, aspire to recreate jobs and revive what contributes to people’s physical and mental well-being we ask ourselves “Can human beings survive without culture?”

The Puccini Museum celebrates the day with a series of events related to Giacomo Puccini and his works.

Saturday 24 October, 9:00 pm | World Opera Day: A night with Puccini
For the eve of “World Opera Day” a special evening visit to the Maestro’s birthplace is organized to celebrate the Opera, Italian excellence in the world.
Cost: 15.00 duration 1 hour and a half

Sunday 25 October, 11:00 am | World Opera Day: How an opera is born
On World Opera Day, a visit to the Museum to learn about Giacomo Puccini’s working method and the genesis of his works through letters and documents from our archives. At the end, a toast dedicated to the Opera in the halls of the Atelier Ricci.
Cost € 15.00 duration 1 hour and a half

Sunday 25 October, 15:00 | World Opera Day: The magical world of Opera Workshop and animated visit for children aged 7 to 12
What is a work? It’s a kind of sung play. But who writes the music and the words? Who sings it and who performs the music? and who stages it? Such as? Where is it?
Cost € 5.00 duration 2 hours

To comply with the measures of social distancing and the anti-contagion protocol for your and our safety, the entrances will be limited. We recommend booking by phone or by mail.

Information and reservations: – Tel. 05831900379