Piccoli Musei Narranti #chiusimanonfermi – Small Narrating Museums

Puccini Museum – Casa Natale di Giacomo Puccini has agreed to the Project “Piccoli Musei Narranti” i.e. Small Narrating Museums, with the participation of more than 150 small museums around Italy. The main objective of the project is to keep the small museums alive especially in this particular moment when the museums are actually all closed, by uploading novels and storytelling, lectures, short video presentations on the social channels of each museum.

Giacomo Puccini, non solo Musica (Giacomo Puccini, not only Music): the passions of an international composer is the main theme of the 6 online venues which will be issued on the Facebook page and on the Youtube channel of Puccini Museum:

December 26th 2020 | Giacomo Puccini e il mal del calcinaccio ( Giacomo Puccini and his houses) – video
January 2nd 2021 | “Lo strumento che ami di più dopo il pianoforte è il fucile”. Giacomo Puccini e la sua caccia – (“The instrument you love best besides the piano is the rifle” Giacomo Puccini and his love for hunting)  – video
January 9th 2021| Puccini: un amore a scoppio! ( Puccini and his love for cars) – video
January 16th 2021 | Puccini world tour – video
January 23rd 2021 | Puccini e l’arte del vestire – (Puccini and his dressing style) – video
January 30th 2021 | “I soci del Club La bohème, giurano di bere e mangiare meglio” (the Club members of La bohème, swear to drink and eat better”) – video

Highlighted by the Destination Marketing Project ” The lands of Giacomo Puccini”, with the support of Unicoopfirenze.

The complete calendar and detailed information of the project are available on the facebook page of the “Associazione Nazionale Piccoli Musei(APM) along with all the videos.