Giacomo Puccini: The Artist & The Man

Locandina Malta 2019The aim of the Giacomo Puccini Foundation is the protection, conservation, management, promotion and enhancement of Puccini’s cultural heritage.

The Foundation promotes education, research, exhibitions and the realization of cultural and entertainment events, undertaking collaborations and partnerships with national and international institutions.

The exhibition explores the relationship between Giacomo Puccini and his works, through his personal history and the territory where he was born and has composed.

The knowledge of Giacomo Puccini as an artist, but also as a modern man, will be the best support in order to delve into both his history and his modernity.

Through some didactic panels, original documents, stage clothes, films and music we hope to accompany the spectator to a more conscious vision of his first highly successful public opera – Manon Lescaut.

The opera of Manon Lescaut will be performed on Sunday 7th april.

The event was organized under the patronage of the Italian Institute of Culture in Malta, Ministry of Gozo, Arts Council Malta, Gaulitana a Festival of Music.